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How do I get a quote?
​        Click on Contact Us and send us an email!

Can I order a canvas online and have it sent directly to you? Can you order a canvas for me? 
​        You can definitely have a canvas ordered and sent directly to me. However, I will need to         see/get comps on the piece and have the quote signed by you before it’s shipped. Once the         canvas is ordered there are no returns. 

Do I buy the whole set up and mail it to you? Or do you buy what I want from the order form?
​         You can:
              Send me your canvas, threads and stitch guide
              Send me your canvas, threads and I’ll decide the stitches
              Send me your canvas and I’ll pull the threads I think will work best and bill you for the               threads
              Order a canvas from a store and have it sent to me
              A combination of any of the above

Do you take PayPal/credit cards? Deposits? 
        I accept:
            PayPal, Cashier’s Check, Money Order
            I require a deposit of half of the agreed upon quote at the beginning and the remainder             upon completion

What’s a good guess-timate on time for project completion? 
        Duration of completed stitching depends on many factors (mesh size, canvas size,         complexity of stitches, current project load, etc.) and will be determined during the quote         process.

Can I get the whole thing done, or stitching only? 
        The quote is for stitching only. It does not include canvas, threads or finishing. 

How do I get my order back? 
​        Shipping will be included in the quote and I will ship it back to you upon completion. 

How do I take care of it? 
​        Cleaning and care instructions available on request.

Is there a return policy? 
​        As this is a custom, hand stitched service returns are not allowed.